Cyclone tank means less weight.

  • The cyclone tank forms part of PMC's delivery to a leading global vendor of drilling equipment for the mining and mineral industries. PMC's hydraulic systems, which include PMC-Cyklotank, are part of the customer's new generation of drilling equipment, which have succeeded in cutting fuel consumption by 50 % on previous models.


Every hydraulic system includes a tank that collects oil. According to a simple rule of thumb, the tank volume should be three times the pump flow of the system, the reason being that air bubbles often form in the oil that must be removed in the tank. Air bubbles in oil can be devastating to hydraulic systems, compromising functionality or causing breakdowns.

The larger the oil tank the system has, the more oil is used, and the heavier the whole hydraulic system becomes. Reducing weight is critical for mobile applications where more weight means higher fuel consumption, thus increased cost and a greater environmental impact.

PMC's solution

PMC has developed a new type of oil tank based on the cyclone principle. Oil is pumped into the tank where it is rotated. This technology utilizes the difference in density between oil and air, rotation accelerates the deaeration of oil, so the tank can be made far smaller. The tank's volume, and thus its weight, can be cut by up to 80% from traditional oil tanks in certain applications. PMC-Cyklontank is patented.

Customer Benefit

PMC-Cyklontank offers the following benefits over traditional oil tanks:

  • A radically downscaled oil tank and thus oil volume
  • Lower weight
  • More effective deaeration and thus slower oxidation of oil. Extended lifetime of oil.
  • Less sensitive to movement
  • High accessibility
  • Reduced environmental impact

PMC-Cyklontank can be used in most hydraulic applications. It offers the greatest benefit in mobile applications where size and weight are a priority.